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Dog & Cat Grooming Services by Appointment

At Happy Paws Pet Salon, we offer a comprehensive range of grooming services tailored to meet the unique needs of every dog and cat, ensuring they leave looking and feeling their best. With our team of experienced groomers and licensed vet techs, you can trust that your best friend is in expert hands.

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Salon Amenities

Ready to experience the Happy Paws difference? Contact us or book an appointment online today. We can’t wait to pamper your furry friend!

pet grooming services

Hydraulic Tables

We designed our salon to cater to every size dog, from small to giant. Our grooming tables lower all the way to the floor, providing access for all dogs without the need for them to jump up or be manually lifted.

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Ground-Level Tub

Our ultra-low tub provides easy access for large breeds and older dogs. With no stairs or steps to navigate, dogs of every age and size can enter the tub comfortably.

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Private Grooming Space

Our staff is dedicated to understanding and meeting the specific needs of your dog or cat. For those pets who have high anxiety or need a quieter space, we have a private room where they can be more comfortable with less noise and distraction.

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